Our path to Brown Bag Provisions was far from straight... 

The fun ones seldom are.  It’s commonly stated in our lives that we are just one wrong turn away from the right place.  In this case, our path may have been jagged, but our vision couldn’t be clearer.


Our name says it all…  the brown bag is redolent of a simpler time.


I never stopped to think about how busy my mom was.  I don’t think she ever stopped to think about it either.  All I know is, I meant enough to her to wake up a little early every day to ensure that I left for school having eaten a good breakfast, and armed with my thoughtfully prepared brown bag lunch. 


I never thought about the contents of that lunch… we didn’t talk about GMO’s or locally raised.  We didn’t have to.  We didn’t buy bookshelves and fruit in the same place; the food you ate was what was available at the market.  You ate strawberries and tomatoes in the summer and asparagus in the spring because that’s when you could buy them.  You drank water cold from the tap.  The ubiquitous lunch lady scooping the mysterious contents from a steam-table on to your tray seemed more like a punishment than a reward.


Sharing a meal, whether it be in a cafeteria with your friends or around the dinner table with your family represented a brief window to reconnect and relax, not to post food shots on Instagram and catch up on your text messages.  The effort that was put into those meals required something more.  Convenience foods weren’t the norm, and cooking was an act of care.  The person putting in the effort deserved the respect of our attention.


So there it is… we aren’t trying to change anything, but it’s our hope that Brown Bag Provisions becomes a place where the community can eat and shop.  Perhaps take a five-minute break from the state of chronic overwhelmed-ness that we all seem to find ourselves in nearly constantly and enjoy a meal with little thought.  Let us worry about the seasons and responsible sourcing.  Let us greet you genuinely and with care.  Use the time as you wish, whether it be to reconnect with a friend, relax with your thoughts, or plug away through lunch. Let us handle the hospitality and the deliciousness.


As far as the grocery is concerned… we aren’t really sure and we intend to learn as we go.  Some of what we sell is for convenience, various sundry items that fuel your pantry.  If you don’t see it, ask… you need flour, we happen to have 13 different types in the kitchen.  We have 1000 items in the kitchen and we will proudly sell you a little bit of anything that we use.  Most of what we sell we either make or have friends that make it way better than we do.  And Pringles.  We sell Pringles because they are delicious. 


Come find us... we may be a bit out of your way, but you may also find exactly what you’ve been looking for.